Womens Jackets – Not Just for Biker Chicks Anymore

Womens jackets are no longer for teenage biker / rocker chicks, but for fashionable females everywhere. A well-designed jacket will add style to any dress, not to mention keep you cool during cold days and nights. For instance a denim jacket will turn your flowery dress into something trendy, while a leather jacket over your shirt make will make you look hip.Womens Jackets 1


Types of Jackets Available

As women’s fashion has evolved different types of jackets have emerged, although the following are the most popular now.

  • Leather jacket – if you’re into rock, metal,”emo” or Goth, this is probably already part of your wardrobe. But even if you‘re not into any of those, it’s still a good idea to have one of these, as it’s a quick way to add style to any dress, plus it really looks cool.
  • Denim jacket – a cropped denim jacket is something you can wear during airy and summer days, and it is also very casual. If you’re looking to wear something more relaxed, try cropped denim with a tee and womens jeans, as they look great together.
  • Blazers – this is perfect for making a plain dress look chic, and it’s also preferred by girls who want something classier than leather jackets. A staple in women’s fashion, a blazer looks great when paired with a floral dress or a tee.

Jackets and Body Shape

The rule when it comes to jackets is to stick with simple colours and no frills / extraneous details. This approach works with almost all body types except rectangular ones, as they can use more frills and trimmings in their outfits. Generally speaking though, simple jackets work best as they are easy to match with your other outfits. If you want to add more colour and style, do it with your accessories and womens jeans.

To make things simple, keep the following in mind: if you want to focus attention on your upper body, get a jacket with a lot of trimmings (buttons, zippers, studs etc) and a light colour. But if you want to emphasise your figure, avoid the embellishments and keep things simple; without any trimmings, eyes will be drawn to your body. Womens Jackets 2

Wear it Right

To look chic, pair your jacket with a long tee and distressed shorts, as they look really cool. If winter’s coming up, top the shorts off with tights and a sweater. You can also pair your jacket with a short dress, although maxi dresses can look good too, as long as you don’t have too many accessories. Some women also put a jacket over “feminine” outfits like floral print and tiers to add balance.

Finally, don’t fret about spending good money on a quality item. Consider the money you spend as an investment, as a good jacket will last for years. If you have good womens jackets in your wardrobe, you don’t have to spend much on anything else, as they make fashion statements without the need for fancy accessories.

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